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T.I. Bishop


I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Southern Methodist University.  I have additional degrees and certifications from Trinity College of Natural Health and Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy.  I still enjoy reading and attending continuing education as there is always something new to learn about helping others improve their health!   I have been trained in Electro-dermal Screening, and I founded Breath of Life in 2002 with a vision of seeing people’s health improve by using vitamins, herbs, homeopathy, nutrition and essential oils.  I am overwhelmed with joy as I see my vision of better health for people become a reality on a daily basis.  My work is very fulfilling! 


Robin Siren


I came to Breath of Life in 2010 as an IQS Practitioner and Nutritional Health Consultant. I developed an interest in natural approaches to healthcare after experiencing the benefits of several natural therapies, such as acupuncture, applied kinesiology, and electro-dermal screening, first-hand.  Today I am a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, while also having my CNHP and Certificate in Nutritional Counseling (CNC) from Trinity College of Natural Health. C.A.R.E. Intensives provided my certification in Aromatherapy and Raindrop Technique, and many years ago I attended Barton College for Nursing. Along with a special interest in helping others achieve a natural, healthier state-of-being physically, emotionally and spiritually, my husband Bill and I work with struggling marriages seeking to help them overcome difficult times.




Hank has been our official greeter in Franklin for several years now-he likes to make sure everyone feels right at home.  He will be so excited to see you, and he will be your forever friend!

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