TI Bishop has been a blessing to me personally, my family, and my patients.  We often collaborate in patient care as TI is able to treat with homeopathies and essential oils, that coupled with other natural healing modalities create the best balance and care I have found.  TI is as caring as she is knowlegeable and she is truly a blessing.

— Karen Hyden, APN-BC, Brentwood, TN


My initial visit to T.I. Bishop marked the beginning of my journey of healing from a “mystery illness”. Her assessment gave me the information I needed to address the symptoms and take the steps necessary to heal. My continuing periodic visits allow me to keep things on track and running smoothly. The work T.I. does is invaluable, and I would encourage anyone with questions about their health and their healing options to see her.


Nashville, TN


As a former athlete, I have been privileged to receive some of the leading clinical practice treatments in the country for better health. A friend recommended T.I. to me, and although I was not familiar with her testing and treatment, I went anyway. Since that first visit, I have felt healthier and more energized than at any point in my life and I intend to continue my visits to T.I.

— Drew Maddux, TN

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Dear TI-

Just wanted to write and say thanks so much for helping me out! My stomach had a huge turn around from day one after seeing you and getting the papaya pills! After finishing the drops and taking the herbs you suggested for a few weeks– I don’t have any stomach problems! I have told EVERYONE about you, and they are all amazed! Once again, thanks so much

–A. Kelley, Murfreesboro, TN


After struggling with various health conditions over the past 10 years, I have finally seen a small light at the end of the tunnel. I have spent most of my 20’s jumping from one doctor to the next only to hear that I was perfectly healthy. I have always known though that I had the potential to feel better physically and emotionally. Working with TI on various symptoms and conditions, has been an incredible blessing. Unanswered questions have finally started to be answered and I feel better than I have in years. I know that I still probably have a long way to go and I also know that natural healing takes Godly patience. I am excited to see my progress continue!!!

–Elizabeth, Nashville, TN

First of all I want to say isn’t it so miserable feeling unhealthy. I want to be able to feel my best. I feel like feeling good in your own skin makes all the difference. I have been through my own personal experiences with T.I and could go on for hours about them but feel at this time I want to concentrate on a very special somebody… my daughter. I am very blessed to be the mother of a sweet seven year girl.  She was diagnosed at the age of four with alopecia areata. This of course was very devastating. When her beautiful dark brown hair started falling out in clumps I felt powerless. I spent years reading about her condition and seeing different doctors. My daughter was about six years old when God brought us to T.I . I want to cry just thinking about the blessing she has been to us. There is nothing I wanted more than to see my daughter grow into a healthy and happy girl. With the help of T.I and her amazing practice my daughter’s hair is all growing back. For so long I was trying to treat the spots and T.I never looked at her spots! T.I looked at my daughter as a whole. Treat the body and the body will fix itself.  Something clicked in my head when she said that. I am a huge believer in what she is doing to help others. Thank you T.I for taking the time and making a huge difference in our lives.

— Shantelle Hernandez, Spring Hill, TN.


When we first heard about Breath of Life, my daughter was having serious health struggles and we weren’t having any luck finding answers or solutions elsewhere. We are thankful for the person who referred us to them. Breath of Life was able to help us dig down to the bottom of what was going on and resolve all the underlying issues and strengthen her health and immune system for the long term. Now she is thriving. I take all my family members there any time something crops up that we don’t know the root issue. Love their methods and the genuine care they provide.  There is always hope for the most perplexing and debilitating issues.



 Following an extremely traumatic event, I searched for answers to my declining health for over two years. I was completely exhausted, yet incredibly stressed at the same time. I was losing an unbelievable amount of hair and sleeping 10+ hours a night. I went to four separate doctors where I was practically mocked for my symptoms. A friend from church recommended that I go see T.I. Immediately, T.I. identified the stress and hormonal imbalances I was experiencing and she went to work recommending supplements to get me on track to healthy. Once we determined that adrenal fatigue was what my body was suffering from, I began seeing improvement in my health in a matter of weeks. My hair was no longer abnormally falling out and I suddenly found myself energized again. I am forever grateful for T.I.'s help in restoring my health and to God for leading me to her. Don't allow "professionals" to ignore you. You know your body better than anyone. Find someone who cares about their patients, like T.I.! 

-Brandi J.

I am thrilled to recommend TI and Breath of Life. My husband and I moved to middle Tennessee four years ago to work in youth ministry with middle school and high school students. For much of my life, I have struggled with GI problems, both hereditary and nutritionally related. After moving to Tennessee, I saw my problems worsening. In addition to digestive concerns, my immune system also suffered in the move. Since I was working with students, I found myself catching every virus, ear infection and strep infection I was exposed to. It seemed I was in to see my doctor almost once a month getting antibiotics. On a recommendation from a friend, I went to see TI. My concerns were improving my overall nutrition, strengthening my immune system, and working on some of the issues with my colon. Throughout the next two years, I was faithful in seeing her about every 6 weeks. Through her computer testing, TI recommended several vitamin supplements and homeopathic remedies. Over the next 2 years, I saw HUGE improvements in my immune system. In the past year, I have not had ONE infection needing antibiotics. I also saw the problems with my GI system steadily improve and seldom see symptoms of my illness. It is amazing to see how the body can improve! I am so glad that I followed my friend’s suggestion to see TI. I have also referred several friends and family to Breath of Life. I would encourage anyone who has health concerns or who just desires to improve their overall health to see TI.

–Courtney, Franklin, TN


I could tell by the look on her face that something was not right. I had known it for some time but when T.I. asked me to get up out of my chair and walk around her room just so she could get me to register a reading, it confirmed my fears; I was practically dead! My levels were so low across the board that she prayed about where to begin. She humbly attributes her gift of healing to Jehovah Rapha, the Master Physician, who led her to start with issues of the heart. She mixed up a “brew” as I call it, consisting of soothing oils and cleansing herbs sure to ease the chest pains and shortness of breath I’d been experiencing.

From there, she focused on my allergies, which had been a life long battle. Now, I’m so happy to be using past tense words to describe the struggle, which has diminished significantly over the 4 years since I discovered Breath of Life. Also, blood sugar problems and thyroid malfunctions are all under control—I am on my way to optimum health, thanks to T.I.’s ministry.

After visits with T.I., I would often see a conventional doctor, only to find the same results T.I. did for a fraction of the cost. In fact, I found T.I.’s alternative method to be even more accurate in many cases, such as the bacterial infection I dealt with last year. She has also enabled me and my husband to deal with our children’s health problems intelligently with preventative, natural remedies in the early stages. Our daughter, who was adopted from India at the age of 4, came with her own set of issues. T.I. would suspect some cause for the symptom and hit the nail on the head time after time. She patiently educates and instructs us so we feel empowered and hopeful.

Since I was a young child, I was emotionally depressed. After finally taking a written test at our family practitioner’s office, I found it had reached a new level of severity. T.I. partnered with our doctor in the treatment of the depression, which was accompanied by suicidal thoughts. For the last 3 months, I have not had the desire to end it all, but a growing wellness I can only call peace. My quality of life has improved (how do you measure it?? 100%? 1000%?)– I cannot put a value on good health.

I’m so thankful that T.I. is doing what she’s doing. Breath of Life is an answer to my prayers.

–Karthi M, Franklin, TN


I must tell you about Breanna – beginning 48 hours after visiting you Breanna has slept soundly each night since. She has never slept soundly a single night since birth! She always tossed and turned, had vivid dreams or nightmares and talked in her sleep. She hardly stirs now. Mike and I can’t believe it. Yesterday upon rising her saliva ph reached 7.0… I have been testing her for 2 months each morning, and this is the first time she was in the normal range. Her first morning urine is actually more acid; 5.75-6.0 (was up to 6.25-6.5). I am guessing her liver and digestive systems are beginning to balance (showing in the saliva) but it is taking time for her kidneys to move the waste out. The Dr. dropped her Lantis (long acting insulin) completely last week. She takes a total 1.5-2.5 units of Humalog (short acting) each day keeping her post meal blood sugar from shooting up too high. In January when we left the hospital, her original perscription was 12-15 units of Humalog. We are so close to turning. Thanks for all your help.

I am still praying the Lord will heal Breanna’s body completely and bring a cure for so many who live daily with diabetes. It is hard to watch that tiny body struggle with the fluctuating blood sugar levels. It is hard to see her finger pricked every 4 hours as well as administer the injections as needed. It is a huge lifestyle adjustment and it amazes me that so many, many people have had to deal with this for 30 years or more. It saddens me when I hear of one more person getting the disease (like Denver’s quarterback at age 25). I pray to see Type 1 diabetes be prevented just like small pox, polio and other terrible diseases that struck children in the past. I know all things are possible.

I was glad to hear about your office from a friend and very glad to experience improvements in Breanna’s pH, sleep and lowered insulin needs. The Electro-dermal screening helps to take the guess work about what supplements and medicine works for Breanna’s body. Every body is different and has unique needs. As we go forward in a few weeks with a followup screening, we have a way to measure improvements in her body and make adjustments.

For the first time I feel a huge amount of hope.

— Joni H, Atlanta, GA [note: Breanna is 4 years old, and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January.]



I came to T.I. a total mess. I was fed up with modern medicine and being treated as a case rather than an individual. I was put on the infertility track that every couple trying to get pregnant is plopped into. And it didn’t work. I finally ended up at T.I.’s door. She completely turned my body around. I am having regular periods for the first time in my life—an issue the doctors had never been able to solve. There were a lot of other issues that needed correcting, but the irregularity of my cycles was the most frustrating. Obviously getting pregnant still remains my goal, but for the first time I feel like I’m on the right track!

–H.C., Franklin, TN.


 I first heard about T.I. from a neighbor who highly recommended her. We were discussing some health issues including infertility and she told me about T.I. At first, I was skeptical. I had asked my doctors about my health issues and had suffered most of my life with no solutions. My doctors had no suggestions that worked.

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a year and a half when I went to T.I. I took a chance thinking that it was worth a shot. Not only did T.I. fix long-standing issues like intestinal and digestion problems, but also took on several issues that I didn’t even mention. I can happily say that I noticed results very quickly after following her instructions. I am healthy and more importantly I am 12 weeks pregnant! I think it is never too late to solve a health problem and feel better!

–D. Kirk, Murfreesboro, TN



After years of going to the doctor about my digestion issues and having been tested for everything under the sun (blood, urine and stool tests), no one was able to help me. I eventually was diagnosed with IBS – and my condition and symptoms only got worse as time went on. I sought T.I. Bishop as an alternative to what doctors couldn’t figure out. She was able to get to the root of my issue by detecting parasites. The treatment she advised brought these critters out of me! I know because I saw them! I am forever grateful for finding T.I. and I believe she one of the biggest reasons I am on the road to recovery today.

— Kelsie


I came to Breath of Life tired and overworked. I confess I am not good at taking care of myself. TI, with intensely personal and spiritual attention, assisted in answering dozens of miscellaneous questions regarding my diet, nutrition, and health habits. Right away she asked me the three areas of health where I would like to see results. I have seen progress in each of these areas.

One of the first things I found out is that I had parasites!! Ugh! I was disgusted! But TI assured me that many people do, and that they are the cause of some of the systems in my body being off-balance. After we cleared them up, I had lost 5-6 pounds, and was fitting into my clothes again. I also made the decision to go off sugar and yeast, and felt a considerable difference. My body responded to essential oils, which I take for depression and muscular pain. So many people just take lots of vitamins without really knowing whether or not they need them. She can help you know what YOUR body needs, because everyone is different!

What I like about her services is that you are working as a team. With most doctors, I go in complaining of a pain or ailment, and they just prescribe something to treat the symptoms, sometimes not even knowing what my body really needs or how it will respond. Several antibiotics I have taken have actually made me sicker than I already was when I went into the office!!

With homeopathy, the approach is to go for the source of the problem. TI almost always has some kind of hunch about why something is off balance, so that if one thing doesn’t work, we can change course and move in a different direction. I know what I am allergic to, and what kinds of things haven’t worked in the past, so we can quickly rule out certain hypotheses. The process may take a little longer, but the effects are gentler on the body, and monitored closely for results. I am no doctor, but I love being able to take part in attending to my health and well-being. It’s not just imagined results either! You can actually see where your imbalances are by looking at the monitor as she tests various body systems, such as digestive system, neurological system, etc.

This approach is preventative, too, as maintaining good health automatically minimizes the time I spend in the doctor’s office for the inevitable viruses and flu. TI is generous with her attention to detail. I have left many questions on e-mail for her and always have the answer within 24 hours.

I can’t say enough! What is more important than having a mentor that guides you and the members of your family, along with your input, into health and long life?

— Debbie, Franklin, TN


“Do not take vitamin E.” “Take vitamin E.” “Do not eat butter.” “Eat butter.” “Milk is bad.” “Milk is good.” I am a 59 year old woman and I have been getting contradictory advice like this for years. Then three years ago I met T.I. Bishop, and through the services she offers, I found out first hand that some people do well with certain foods, vitamins, make up, hair products and medicines and some don’t. And that some products that my friends use liberally every day affect me negatively.

I am so relieved to know that I now have a place and person who will be able to tell me what my personal body needs are and what may be causing trouble. Every step is personalized to my particular chemistry. This alone has been a stress reducer in my life.

A few testimonies – I purchased a bottle of fish oil gel caps and had been taking them for about a month when I noticed a dramatic change in my mood and nervous system within a few hours after taking my vitamins. I narrowed it down to the addition of the fish oil and since I’d been reading so much about mercury in fish these days, suspected that mercury may be the culprit. T.I. tested the gel cap to my body for mercury and sure enough it registered a substantial increase in mercury. I stopped taking it and was back to normal within a week.

I began having heart palpitations. They were at first annoying, but soon became more than annoying. At night I could barely sleep with pounding that felt like my heart couldn’t take any more. I went to my doctor, who put me on a 24 hour heart monitor. The reading showed a very irregular heart beat, and he scheduled me for a treadmill stress test. I called T.I. and her computer showed a pretty substantial deficiency in two minerals that I was already taking in a multivitamin. Further digging showed a parasite that was preventing those minerals from being absorbed into my system. She gave me a remedy for the parasite and started me out on a substantial dose of the minerals. When I went back for the treadmill stress test the next day, it came out absolutely clean. Not one missed or extra heartbeat. The doctor was amazed, and thankfully, he accepted my explanation gracefully.

I have brought in everything from hair products and makeup to actual food and medicines. And having tested them all, she has been able to confirm suspicions on my part and eliminate problems that would have gone otherwise unresolved. Having the resources available that T.I. uses has made quite a change the quality of my life. I am truly grateful for her services. –Allie Larkin, Franklin, TN

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When I first met, T.I. Bishop, in September 2008, I never could have imagined that her knowledge and wisdom would have such a profound effect on my family.  My path crossed with T.I. because of my then 5y/o daughter.  She had been having ongoing, unexplained belly pains, that left her pediatrician and specialists baffled.  Any and all tests were negative, doctors were quick to prescribe various meds as they suggested everything from anxiety related belly pain, acid reflux, chronic constipation, and allergic colitis.

My daughter had been suffering on and off for close to a year, my husband was deployed at the time and I felt as if I was at my wits end.  I just wanted some peace of mind, for my daughter to enjoy life, her friends, and be able to live pain free.  I felt helpless as a mother, hopeless as nothing seemed to be helping her pain and we had no answers.  I was keeping a food and pain journal in search of a pattern.  Dairy products seemed to cause some of the pain so we eliminated all dairy from her diet and saw some relief but only for a short while.  However, allergy testing revealed nothing as we were told she had no food allergies. We were to have a 6 week follow up with the GI specialist but due to an overloaded schedule we couldn’t see her for 3 months.  We had to play the waiting game, again.

While waiting for that appointment, I contacted T.I, and we had an appointment 2 weeks later.  The day, T.I. met my daughter was life changing for us.  I knew from the moment we walked into her office that “we were where we needed to be.”  My daughter sat willingly as T.I. started her scan… no pain, no tears like all the other tests and in 20 minutes we had answers.  Within that time, T.I. had discovered what she thought to be the source of her pain.  Her scan revealed that parasites were causing inflammation in her small and large intestines, kidneys, liver, pancreas and lungs, as well as a dairy intolerance.  T.I. recommended a supplement to gently detox my daughter’s body and a homeopathic to help it heal itself.  When T.I. placed the bottle in my hand, an overwhelming sense of peace and calm washed over me.  I knew at that moment that everything was going to be okay.  We gave her 10 drops, 2 times a day and continued with the dairy free diet.

Within 4 days of starting her supplement/homeopathic, my daughter was pain free.  I was amazed!  We met T.I for her 6 week follow up and were pleased with the results of her scan.  Her body still needed to heal but her inflammation and parasites were gone.  At the follow up with the GI specialist she was just as amazed at the results as we were.  She summed it up as a “miracle” and told us that she didn’t need to see us any more but was here if we needed her.  I am pleased to say that we haven’t needed to see her again.  My daughter continues to live pain free and thanks to T.I., I am more confident in our body’s ability to heal itself.  T.I has since scanned & treated my entire family.  She has used her knowledge of supplements, homeopathy, essential oils and wisdom to help keep us on the path of health and wellness.  I will be forever grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and get to know T.I.

–Janet, Ft. Campbell, KY



When I became ill three years ago, recovery seemed hopeless. I went from being a normal, healthy, fifteen year old girl to not being able to get out of bed over night. I had horrible migraines and fatigue that prevented me from going to school and leading a normal life. I went to countless doctors, had many tests done, and tried many different things to relieve the pain, but nothing worked. No one could tell me what was wrong with me. I began seeing T.I. in January 2009. She and my mother are old friends and graduated from high school together. I had been to see so many people before, but T.I. was the only one who was able to provide me with any relief. With her help I have since been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I’ve been taking homeopathic remedies for Lyme, along with other herbal supplements, for about nine months now. My headaches went away in June and I have much more energy now and it’s all thanks to T.I.!

— Allyson, Nashville TN



I went into T.I.’s office skeptical and half-hearted. I had been through 7 years of doctors (traditional and not-so-traditional), acupuncturists, specialists, physical therapists, tests after tests after tests, and even surgieries to cure this “mystery illness”. Most doctors wrote me off as if it was all in my head, and when I finally found a Dr. who would listen, no matter what we tried I still just wasn’t getting better. I was chronically exhausted (to the point where I needed to be carried just to get from my living room to the bedroom and at times was even unable to dress myself), a social life wasn’t even an option. My quality of life was very low. Most doctors made light of my fatigue. I was tired of dealing with people who didn’t understand. When she started the electro dermal screening it was the most validating thing I have ever expierenced. Everything I was feeling, even down to the tiniest symptom was right there on the screen. The screen proved what I was trying to tell everyone: I am NOT ok, I am very sick and I need help! The machine picked up on something many doctors had mentioned, but then ruled it out as soon as I said I don’t remember ever getting bit by a tick: lyme disease. I was shocked, but everything started to make sense once I heard that. I remember crying tears of joy and relief because someone finally understood me. This felt like the solution. I have been working with T.I. for a little over a year and have seen a dramatic improvement in my quality of life. Everyone at Breathe of Life is so kind from Cori, to T.I. and even Hank the dog! I feel like I have a team behind me supporting me through my health journey. They are so helpful and accommodating, and always there when you need them! T.I. has a real gift and I am so blessed that she has decided to share it with the world. I know I can trust her. I recommend her to my family and friends, and I recommend her to you too!

–Jenna -Antioch, TN 


Last April I went through a series of doctor’s appointments and tests confirming a medical condition and a prognosis from 3 doctors that it would be very difficult for me to conceive a child. Refusing to accept this as an end (or the beginning of a very long trail through infertility drugs), my husband and I prayerfully decided that we would do everything possible that we could naturally before turning to infertility drugs to bring my body to a place where I could conceive on my own. Several friends referred me to TI Bishop for consult. I didn’t really understand exactly what she did… but I trusted my friends and so we made my first appointment.

As I sit to write this, my little 18-week-old baby continues to grow in my womb with no complications to report to date! To say that I am thankful that my path crossed with this exceptional woman is an understatement. It has been a gift beyond measure.

Not only am I pregnant, but I also feel better than EVER before. I have experienced healing in my body that I didn’t think was possible. I used to experience headaches daily, low energy levels, and allergies that were at times unbearable. All of these symptoms have either gone away completely or reduced greatly due to my partnership for health with TI. This didn’t happen overnight… or even with one visit. It was a series of visits and two committed people working to uncover my optimal health.

It continues to be amazing to me the objectivity of the measure that TI uses to detect what is going on in my body as well as what will be helpful for me to get better. You and I could have the exact same problem, but our course of treatment would vary significantly depending on what our bodies respond to. Though this is true in the medical community, the only way to see what treatment will help is to try the drug. With TI, she is able to test different options to see what will help you up front. It is amazing!! I have never felt such a strong alliance for my health with another health professional. She listens… REALLY listens to what I have to say each time I go into her office. I have never felt so validated. There are so many little things that I just thought I had to live with. I have learned that there is so much more to the quality of my health and life that can be uncovered. I feel as though I have been empowered to take control of my own health. And I truly feel like I have a partner in that venture. I also know that TI genuinely cares for me and about my health. Her excitement when I shared with her the news of our pregnancy ranked among that of my closest friends!

I am so thankful

— Kara, Franklin, TN


A moment of peace! That’s what I need as a mother of four young children! Ah, and lets add in, some strength for the task, certainly some joy for the undertaking, and maybe a clear mind so I can decide where to charge forth next in this great adventure called motherhood!

I am truly amazed at the modern-day miracle of the Electro-dermal screening device. In the search for health and wholeness, T.I. pairs the best of technology with the best of what has been gleaned from the ages–solutions from nature applied with a gentle, discerning approach.

I arrived at T.I.’s door, a year ago, a tired, depressed, very ill young woman who had recently settled on feeling sick for the rest of my life. I thought doctors did not have any other answers for my life or for that of my ill family. After all, we were living with the diagnosis of and daily suffering from: Daily seizures and other ramifications from Epilepsy in 2 different children, severe Asthma interrupting the activity level of a preschooler, a thyroid condition (that was bringing on hot flashes, low energy), depression, achy joints, allergies, no energy, eczema, sour tummies…you name it we had it! What an effort it was, dragging through days and nights with my sick body, tending to the ongoing health issues of my family , which the doctors said would only worsen with age as their medication levels would rise up.

T.I.’s screening and treatment was painless. Actually my children found it to be interesting, enjoyable even. We never had to wait to be seen and we were always made to feel unique and valued. The homeopathic remedies we were given were very easy for my children to take–they never resisted the flavor like they had conventional medications. Again, it was enjoyable, especially as we watched each member of our family restored to healing over the course of the year. Yes, not one item from that previous list of illness remains in our family today!!

Today, I look out at the world with a much different perspective then the “me” of just one year ago! I have the energy and stamina to match the desires and dreams God has placed in my heart and the strength in my hands to joyfully accomplish all that’s before me each day. What’s even more exciting to me ,has been to watch the impact of T.I.’s treatment upon the lives of my children. Their health has brought newness and growth to every aspect of their lives. From sleeping through the night, to a new-found joy and social confidence, to lungs that will keep up with as far as little legs will run, to a hope for their healthy futures. We are truly blessed!

–Gillian Tucker, Franklin,TN